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Missing Thanksgiving – Aerosmith Parody

This song is for all the Grandmas who usually host Thanksgiving. We’re really going to miss your cornbread dressing, Grammy. Dang it Rona! Stay safe everyone. #thanksgiving #parody #COVID We wrote a book! You can learn more and order here: Make sure to follow us on Instagram @TheHoldernessFamily. Thank you for subscribing! Check out […]

Im Gettin Too Old for This Sh!t

Im gettin too old for this Super Cut

Yes Please! Giant Excavator Eats Whole Trees In 10 Seconds

This thing is awesome! I need one for my backyard, that place is a jungle on a hill. Anyone know where I can rent one? I don’t even need a whole hour, I bet I could finish it in 10 minutes flat. The whole video is 3 and a half minutes, but you get the […]

Good Gracious Ass Bodacious

Nelly would approve.

Top Ten Monster Bug War Fights

Monster Bug Wars Top 10 is a second season compilation episode. This episode included 10 already released bug fights that have been shortened. The following battles are listed below: 10 – Slender necked mantis vs. Bronzed huntsman spider 9 – Tiger beetle vs. Raspy cricket 8 – Paper wasps vs. Green ants 7 – Freshwater […]

Code Monkey

Oh code monkey. This was an animation that was done in about 2 1/2 weeks. My friend Tom Weiser and I wanted to put together a short for a free ASIFA event. We are both fans of Jonathan Coulton so we figured a music video would be fun. I know Code Monkey already has a […]