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When you get your tax return

Missing Thanksgiving – Aerosmith Parody

This song is for all the Grandmas who usually host Thanksgiving. We’re really going to miss your cornbread dressing, Grammy. Dang it Rona! Stay safe everyone. #thanksgiving #parody #COVID We wrote a book! You can learn more and order here: Make sure to follow us on Instagram @TheHoldernessFamily. Thank you for subscribing! Check out […]

Taco Bell Commercial

Wet Dream …. If I only had a time machine.

Ralph Williams Bayshore Chrysler-Plymouth 1968

This “gag” commercial never aired of course. The pitchman was well known in the San Francisco Bay Area in the 1960s-70s. While taping commercials for the dealership in 1968, the pitchman made this gag take to poke fun at his boss. Ralph Williams owned many California car dealerships and had quite a notorious reputation.

Best Irish toast

Btw a “bean guard” means a woman cop in Ireland

The Tapout Crew

Shot by Taylor Danger Russ Sound Mix by Floodgates Audio // Engineered by Alec Chojnacki Special Thanks Nicholas Canada Wicht, Jess Weber, Lauren Mast, Patrick Lindhorst, Danny Backer, Nic Collins, Alejandro Lechuga, Corina Kane, Jack Schumacher, Christopher Jones, Andy Henretta, Rachel Kullen, Sean Godsey, Martin Chen, Tony Lazzeretti, Matt Illig, Chris Casey, Dustin Meadows