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Free Installation

Free Installation at Ace Hardware

An evening with Kevin Smith – Let me get up in them guts

Jay and Silent Bob – Jay tries out American pick up lines on Brits … do they work.

All Your Base Are Belong To Us – Translation Fail on a Classic Video Game

All Your Base Are Belong To Us. If you don’t find this funny … you probably get laid more than most people I know.

Smell Yo Dick – Official Video

Classic – this is clearly the best way to determine if your partner is cheating on you.

The Hot-Crazy Scale Explained: Guy gives the best example of what to look for in a girl

I first heard about the Hot-Crazy scale from How I Met Your Mother. I’m assuming a lot of you did too. But form what I can tell, the guy above explained it first, and better. Not only does he explain the basics (A girl is allowed to be X crazy, provided she is also X […]

This is awesome! But don’t try this at home. Giant Gummy Bear Fireball!

Great Odin’s Beard this is awesome! Flaming giant gummy bear, and no I don’t me he’s FABULOUS! I love the guy’s reaction when he drops it in. Keep watching til the end, it’s worth it.