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Maine State Trooper – $137 speeding ticket

Maine State Trooper – $137 speeding ticket

Honest Trailer – Home Alone

Have you ever wondered how many lives your favorite action hero would really need to survive a movie? We asked an actual doctor to answer that question for us in Screen Junkies’ new series “Honest Action.” Next up, The Wet Bandits in Home Alone.

Earl Sinclair performs Hypnotize by The Notorious B.I.G.

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PG Porn – Porn for people who love porn but hate all that sex

Here’s a video from May of 2009 from James Gunn, the director of Guardians

Rapping, unlike pimping, is easy. Young kid makes a rap song in 30 seconds

This kid is a lyrical genius. Deal with it. It’s funny and a little sad how he was able to make such a simple beat using some old ass casio keyboard, and it’s better than 99% of Drake’s shit. And the kid spits hot fire! “I wanted a cookie, but my mom said no/So I […]

Guy Spanks Girls and Shoves Pie in her face Prank

I gotta try this tonight when I get home. A guy calls his girl in to get her mail and when she isn’t looking … slaps her on the ass and then shoves a pie in her face. Hilarious