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Friday the 13th Pranks – Halloween Pranks

More pranks for the Halloween season


Sticks teaches Rocky about the benefits of giving everyone a “job”. Soul Mates Series 2 now on ABC iview, and launching September 1st on SeeSo, in the USA.

Rough N’ Rowdy 3 – Highlights

Ready to watch some wild haymakers and brutal knockouts !?!? This is Rough and Rowdy 3.

Missing Thanksgiving – Aerosmith Parody

This song is for all the Grandmas who usually host Thanksgiving. We’re really going to miss your cornbread dressing, Grammy. Dang it Rona! Stay safe everyone. #thanksgiving #parody #COVID We wrote a book! You can learn more and order here: Make sure to follow us on Instagram @TheHoldernessFamily. Thank you for subscribing! Check out […]

Harlem Shake Gas Can Explosion

Harlem Shake Fail

An evening with Kevin Smith – Let me get up in them guts

Jay and Silent Bob – Jay tries out American pick up lines on Brits … do they work.

All Your Base Are Belong To Us – Translation Fail on a Classic Video Game

All Your Base Are Belong To Us. If you don’t find this funny … you probably get laid more than most people I know.

Smell Yo Dick – Official Video

Classic – this is clearly the best way to determine if your partner is cheating on you.