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Jerry Springer – Play Him Off Keyboard Cat

Christopher is a very nice guy who has not been very active with women.

Rough N’ Rowdy 3 – Highlights

Ready to watch some wild haymakers and brutal knockouts !?!? This is Rough and Rowdy 3.

Big Blue Ball Machine – Freddy Wong Rocket Jump

Freddy Wong video. Fun with Blue Balls … lol

Turtle has sex with shoe – cutest molestation ever

If only everyone was this happy getting their foot molested. I want to get a turtle … can you train them to do this?

Start Your Friday Right With A Brief History of Rock N’ Roll

Now this is the proper way to start your day! Basically the history of my musical education crammed into 12 minutes of guitar riffy goodness. Man, I’m in such a good mood after seeing this video. There are so many good songs in there, songs and bands that I’ve let go by the wayside that […]