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Aug 4, 2014

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The Hot-Crazy Scale Explained: Guy gives the best example of what to look for in a girl


I first heard about the Hot-Crazy scale from How I Met Your Mother.  I’m assuming a lot of you did too.  But form what I can tell, the guy above explained it first, and better.  Not only does he explain the basics (A girl is allowed to be X crazy, provided she is also X hot) he goes into further details about the different zones and ranges in the Hot-Crazy scale, even what type of relationship you should be having in those ranges.  Make sure to check out the whole video, as one of the best jokes is in the last ten seconds.

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Jun 6, 2014

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Hottest Body Paint – Illusions of the body that are mind blowing

kate-upton-body-painting_76027-1280x1024 I was looking for the best optical illusions in photography and came across a number of awesome body paintings.  Phenomenal artistry and let’s face it … a job any guy wishes he could be a master at.  Imagine waking up … rolling out of bed … thinking …. Im gonna go to work and paint a tiger across 3 beautiful naked women … and be famous.

Special thanks to:

Craig Tracy –
Trina Merry
and Kate Upton

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Jan 19, 2010

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Craigslist Posting: Why I Didn’t Buy You A Drink

I stumbled across this posting from Craisglist today and thought it was not only funny but very true.  This goes out to all the ladies that go out with the sole purpose of flirting with guys just to get free drinks and then not even talking to a guy after they got their drink.

Craigslist: Why I DIDN’T buy you a drink.

Here we go again. – m4w – 22 (Downtown)
Date: 2010-01-12, 11:55AM MST
Reply To This Post

So a couple of weeks ago a put up a post regarding the etiquette of intersexual drink-buying at bars. Lo and behold, this past weekend a friend of mine got burned at the tav by falling for the exact trap that my post warned against. Accordingly, I felt compelled to repost for the benefit of all the beautiful women in Salt Lake who don’t want to scroll all the way down to find the original post. This may be redundant, but I cannot in good conscience let this phenomenon go overlooked. So here it is again: Why I didn’t Buy You a Drink.

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Jan 12, 2010

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Marijuana legalized in California – getting high is now a taxable pass time

CA legalizes marijuanaOn January 12th, 2010, a key assembly Committee in California approved a proposal to legalize and tax marijuana in spite of the views of the chief of police. 

The proposal, referred to as AB390, was further approved by the Public Safety Committee by 4-3.  The next step will be for the propsal to go to the Health Committe for approval.  However, with the economic crisis we are dealing with, Assemblyman Tom Ammiano feels strongly that the bill would provide much needed tax revenue to the state of CA while providing regulation over the drug.  The bill states that the legal age for marijuana use will be 21 and that the tax will be roughly $50/ounce yielding 1.3 billion in taxes and cultivation fees.

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Jan 7, 2010

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G-spot ‘doesn’t exist’, claim scientists after many attempts to find it.


The G-Spot doesn't exist - claims The Kings College in London

The Kings College of London released findings this past week after interviewing 1800 women that there is no proof supporting the idea of a G-Spot.  This study of 1800 women was the largest study ever conducted surrounding the g-spot.

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Jan 5, 2010

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Bipolar Disorder Epidemic? … I don’t have it and I feel left out.

bipoleI like disorders.  If you search our site for the video of “Soulja Girl” you will find an interesting video of a girl going nuts on a subway.  After the video released, she and her mother came out making the statement that she suffers from bipolar disorder.  If I had a penny for everyone that has told me they have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder it would almost be the same amount as of pennys I would get for every kid that has Attention Deficit Disorder … or ADHD since ADD seemed to defcon orange and not red.

Just the other day a woman who was unable to organize a room properly in confidence explained she had recently been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, seeming to be explaining this as the reason for the mess.  So I needed to research bipolar disorder to learn the real scoop.

Now, maybe I wasn’t up on current events when I “Wikied” bipolar disorder, but it turns out bipolar disorder was formerly known as “Manic Depressive Disorder”.  Well now that was a blast from the past.  I remembered this term very well from my high school years where people with this condition

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